What Are People Saying


IPL Hair & Skin Training

Loved the course, very good examples used to help understand all the technical terms. Good length and thoroughly explained which made it very easy to stay interested and on track. A lot of attention to detail super good examples and very good knowledge


Epiblading Training

Britt was absolutely fantastic! So professional and an excellent trainer. It can be hard to find someone who is really knowledgable but can also teach, but you guys did that with her.


Stressed Skin Workshop

I really enjoyed this workshop! Nancy, Chiza, Chrissy & Nikki all spoke wonderfully and are very knowledgeable in the industry. I’ve taken away so much knowledge and strategies to implement in my home salon. Overall this training covered so much Grey area for me, especially as a sole trader. Looking deeper into gut health and business strategies. I feel so motivated and encouraged to move forward and treat my clients at a higher level learning from TADLI.